• 14th February
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Alright, now that it’s practically over and I’ve seen countless posts about it, heres my 2 cents on Valentine’s day. If anyone cares.

First, I’ve seen a lot of stuff about how its a female holiday, or all about her, things along those lines. Its not “girlfriend day” or “wife day” or anything like that, just because there is an emphasis on romantics, doesn’t mean its all about her. Now, I’ve never had a Valentine so I’m not going off of personal experience, but to me, when the day comes I do have a Valentine, I know I’m going to really want to do something, show my love/like/caring for him. I’m not saying this to try to put myself on a pedestal or anything, its just the truth. And I think most girls feel this way too. Now, I’m sure there are some girls out there that do want it to be all about them and whatnot, its gonna happen. But I personally feel like the majority of people want to celebrate/show/do something just as much as the other.

To all the haters, you don’t need to be so depressing about today. Try to be happy for those in relationships, and if you aren’t thats okay. You will be someday, you’re not forever alone. And that doesn’t mean you have to hate or not celebrate. Valentine’s day is about love, yes, but it doesn’t have to be romantic. Take a little time go a little extra step and tell your mom, your friend, your brother, your pet, whoever, that you love them. Doesn’t even have to cost anything.

For all the people that say its BS because you should love the people you love all year round, not one day. Yes, of course you should. But its still nice to have a little reminder of how much someone cares about you. That doesn’t mean the other 364 days you don’t love them, it just means today it can be a focus or at least pointed out. It’s nice.

I’ll stop there. But there’s a tidbit into my viewpoint.

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